Welcome to Jolly Good Faces...home of fabulous face painting!

Welcome to Jolly Good Faces...home of fabulous face painting!

Face painterss Hazel and Natasha

Family fun

Face painter Hazel with daughter Natasha at an event in Lancashire in 2006

Rabbit Face

Hazel and Natasha

An early picture of Hazel (face painter)with daughter Natasha as her model.

Face painter at caravan rally

Caravan Rally

Face painter Hazel working for Green Flag at the National Caravan Rally.

Face painter at M&S

Marks and Spencers

Face painter Hazel working for M&S at a store promotion.

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Face Painting for Children

No Family Fun Day or Event would be complete without face painting.A good face painter can complete approximately ten faces per hour so larger events may need more face painters to meet demand. Children love to have their faces painted.

Face painting brings extra fun to a birthday party too. Children can have their faces painted one at a time whilst other entertainment is taking place.

Prices from £90, two hour party, Richmond (Yorks) area.

Prices from £160 for events in Yorkshire and the North East. Up to four hours.

Rainbow Face


Rainbow Face by Hazel.

Purple Flower Face

Purple Flowers

Purple Flower face by Hazel Wood.

Panda Face


Panda Face by Hazel.

Dragonfly design

Dragonfly Design

Dragonfly Face by Hazel.

Zombie Face


Zombie Face by Hazel.

Rabbit Face


Rabbit Face by Hazel Wood.

Tiger Face


Tiger Face by Hazel.

Dinosaur Face Paint design


Dinosaur Face by Hazel.

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Face Painting for Adults

Face Painting is not just for children. Adults find it great fun to have their faces painted at parties and events. A face painter can add extra fun at a Wedding, Company party, BBQ, Ball, Student event, Halloween or Christmas party.

Hazel has many amazing face designs which look brilliant on adults. Those not wanting a full face can choose simple designs on their foreheads, cheeks or arms.

Prices from £175, Richmond (Yorks) area.

Prices from £225, Yorkshire / North East areas.



Half Frankenstein Face by Hazel.

Half Man, Half Beast Face

Half Man, Half Beast

Half Man, Half Beast Face by Hazel.

Monster Face


Monster design by Hazel.

Flower Eye Design


Flower Eye Design by Hazel.

Tiger Face


Tiger Face by Hazel.

Leopard Face


Leopard Faces by Hazel Wood.

Butterfly Faces


Butterfly Faces by Hazel.

Spiderman Eye Design

Spiderman Eye Design

Spiderman Eye Design by Hazel.

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Face Painting Courses

We offer an intensive two day training course for people who are seriously interested in learning everything there is to know about face painting professionally.

The course covers health and safety, hygiene, materials and equipment, brush strokes and blending, application of bases, use of colour, ageing and other useful techniques. You will learn how to paint at least six standard faces from which you will be able to develop your own portfolio.

Price: £180 pp or individual, one to one training £225


Hand outs are provided on the topics covered and each student receives a contact list for suppliers and organisations. Each student also receives a certificate to show they have undertaken structured training from an experienced professional.

Courses take place in Richmond, North Yorkshire and Bed and Breakfast is available locally for those travelling long distances.

For one to one training, the student will need to bring a model to work on.

These men are having fun learning to face paint

Having fun!

Hazel's courses are fun.

Lady learning to face paint

New skills

Learning to use a brush properly.

Hazel giving an explanation


Hazel explaining an important point.

Hazel showing demonstrating a technique


Hazel demonstrating a technique on her arm.

Hazel teaches face painting


Lots of advice from Hazel.

Face painting practice

Hands on

Putting it all into practice.

Learning the basics of face painting

Mastering the basics

Building up a solid base of knowledge.

Face painting student

Expert tuition

Hazel keeps a close eye on progress.

Tel 01748 821621 or Mob 07801 433993

About Jolly Good Faces

Hazel Wood is a highly experienced professional face painter who regularly travels to events throughout Yorkshire and the North East. Her expertise and the very high quality of her work is recognised by her clients and colleagues alike.

Hazel set up Jolly Good Faces over twenty years ago. For larger events her daughters can sometimes assist. They are also talented face painters.

Hazel is a full time face painter who has developed an extensive range of superb faces to delight both children and adults.

Hazel's friendly personality and capacity for hard work makes her an asset at any event.

Hazel is also a partner in Jolly Good Productions and together with husband Ron can supply other forms of entertainment if required.

Hazel Wood

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